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Archers Draw Hand Fingers and Tendons



The tendons are drawn in and incised quite deeply to allow the veins to be cut in over the top of them. Finally they are blended and smoothed in with the finger creases added for a more natural look to give tension to the hand.

The detail at back of the drawing hand complements the finishing of the sleeves and completes that phase.


Now on with the belt and accoutrements details, there are of course many projects within the main project that finally come together.

After the belt details are done, it is time to turn to the brigandine and the chain mail as another project or phase.

Then would come the legs and the rolled down hose.The final phase being the head and face.

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  1. Richard Biddle
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    Really good website Howard. Excellent close-up photos of your stunning work.
    Very impressive.

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