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Azincourt Woodcarving Triptych


This month sees a diversion into an Azincourt Woodcarving Triptych. Three smaller table-top works that depict a close-up and chilling detail of the Azincourt Battle, in response to several Galleries that have asked to display one of my pieces this season. The small diversion is an extension to the 600 Tribute, in style, concept and subject.

Hands convey purpose and intent

Hands have always been a fascination for me and in my portrait, work I always like to include a hand doing something that represents what the subject is about. This says more about the person than the face alone and an Archer’s hand easily conveys the spirit of the Archer about to enter the battle; an exciting, but chilling emotion to convey within a piece of carved wood…

Prepare Your Weapon

The first work is a hand drawing an arrow. It conveys a feeling of determination and possible doom, as the hand chooses the arrow that will travel 240 yards with the intent to kill or maim. It is mounted on a steel stand cut into the shape of the Azincourt Battlefield and represents an unknown place where this arrow will finally rest.

The Azincourt Battlefield Base

The piece is mounted on a stainless-steel base, cut into the shape of the Azincourt battlefield, giving a poignant reminder of its ultimate purpose.

Invitation to Galleries

This is the first piece of a Triptych and news of the 2 other pieces will go up here shortly. If your Gallery would like to purchase one piece or all three pieces of this triptych, then please contact my Agent on Tel: 0773 773 8018 or by Email to: ohb@whizzywords.com


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