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Carving the Archer’s Bracer

OH Boyd Carving Archer’s Bracer for Azincourt Tribute

Here are this weeks’ updates live from the Studio in the Boatyard at Barton on Humber:

Concentration has been on the Archer’s bracer, it’s buckle and straps and the folding of the material under it. The bracer is a leather strap that protects the Archer’s arm from being bruised by the bowstring following the loose of the arrow at full draw.

The sleeve has been undercut

A little more refinement done on the hand and fingernails. Regular updates will be posted, so watch this space.

Other News:

positioning the Archers bracer

Mark Stretton was over this weekend to view his Portrait and give valuable advice especially on the positioning of the leather bracer.

Mark is the model for the second archer, him being the most powerful archer in the world, and it was very important that he approved the powerful stance on the pattern, which he did.

Work can now begin on developing those patterns ready for the glueing up of the blanks.

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