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Carving Detail on the Azincourt Archers Tribute


Work has recommenced on the archer after various distractions of other necessary work.

The emphasis being on refining some of the detail before starting on the buckler which will require an addition of wood to that area, it was planned as I don’t always build the whole thing up at one go, it gives better access and can help with getting at some of the surrounding detail.




The drawing hand with the tensions on the tendons and veins have been further refined, important because this area is a focus at eye level for the viewer. The thumb details, nail and creases added and the whole hand has been tidied up.

Especially difficult is the undercarving because the hand is clawed to hold the arrow and held close to the cheek. Tools have had to be adapted to do this together with the technique of carving whilst standing on your head.




the belt and purse was previously roughly set in and now has been the time to further refine this area.

The hang of the belt is important, the heaviest factor being the sword, the action of raising up to draw to loose the arrow pulls up the purse, that has now been organised so that the weight is properly represented.

The deep loops are now cut into the purse where it loops over the belt.

The buckle is organised in the medieval style, the knot appears to be a fashion thing in the same way we take pride in the knot of our necktie.

The hanging end will be undercut so that it appears to be hanging free.

These refinements are another stage leading to the final detail and we will carve it a dozen times before we do the final cut. The trick is to organise every stage so that they run in parallel, that way we do not lose sight of the work as a whole and it keeps a constant balance.


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