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Carving Light and Space into Sculpture


This article is about the difficulties of carving light and space into sculpture to give a realistic three dimensional work that can be viewed from any dimension – even from the back – and will thrill the viewer with the appearance of light appearing through the illusion of ‘free-hanging’ areas of the carving. This is shown here in pictures.

Creating Three Dimensions in Sculpture

Work has continued on the buckler, the undercarving is particularly difficult especially from the side hampered by the ballock dagger which restricts the deep cutting required.

When the voids that will form the handle are cut through, the 3  dimensional aspect really gives space to the work and is a most enjoyable and satisfying stage to be at and one that never ceases to thrill me.

When the area which forms the handhold is cut through, this is even more accentuated and the light and space can now be further refined to achieve the free hanging effect.


There is much further work to do on this area which was anticipated,but it is proving more awkward than first thought.
Once the buckler is completed, work will begin on the quilting and rivets of the brigandine armour jacket worn by the Archers of Azincourt.



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