Concept of the English Tribute to Azincourt

  Concept of the Azincourt Archers 600 Year Anniversary Tribute in the Battlefield area.   This beautiful area with its rolling countryside is little known as a tourist area and generally used as a place to pass through on the … Read More

English Tribute to Azincourt Presentation 2017

The English Tribute to Azincourt Presentation 2017 was an exciting three days of events on 3 battlefield sites attended by five local Mayors   The first archer in the trilogy is finished at last and it was taken to Azincourt … Read More

L’archer Anglais et la Bataille d’Azincourt

L’archer Anglais et la Bataille d’Azincourt Journées européennes du patrimoine 16-17 Septembre 2017   “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers…” : Patrick et Marie José, Antoine, Annick, Joël , Jean Pierre et Béatrice, Amélie. Chacun selon ses disponibilités … Read More

Free Archery Target School History Resource Azincourt Colouring Sheet

Download this Free Archery Target School History Resource Azincourt Colouring Sheet The life-size sculpture of the first English Archer is now complete and here are two, line drawings of it from the front and from the back, which can be … Read More

Portrait Woodcarving Sculptor

  Portrait Woodcarving Sculptor O.H.Boyd    Live from his Studio in Barton-on-Humber Boatyard overlooking the magnificent Humber Bridge The portrait sculpture of the first of three English Archers at the Battle of Azincourt is now complete. The triptych scene of … Read More

Azincourt Archer’s Helmet

  Carving the Azincourt Archer’s Helmet Although the final refining of the of the Brigandine needed to be completed first as the hidden plates and rivets has been more difficult than I thought with all the undercarving of his accoutrements. This … Read More

Life-size Portrait Woodcarving

  Life-size portrait woodcarving sculpture of an English Archer Following many hours spent carving the detail of each single rivet on the Brigandine armour, this has now been completed at last! The rivets have been both difficult and tedious, especially in … Read More

Carving Medieval Brigandine

  Work this week has been Carving Medieval Brigandine armour onto the figure of the Azincourt Archer. The belt and details of the equipment have been finalised so that detailed work on the Brigandine can begin. The outlines of the ridges … Read More

Carving Light and Space into Sculpture

  This article is about the difficulties of carving light and space into sculpture to give a realistic three dimensional work that can be viewed from any dimension – even from the back – and will thrill the viewer with … Read More

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