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Commission a Personal Portrait

Here’s How to Commission a Personal Portrait

There are many reasons to commission a portrait artist: a family member, a Company Chairman, Headmaster, top Sportsman, new baby, Retirement Gift, Golden Wedding, Politician, Celebrity and many others.  

Portrait Artist OH Boyd explains the process and how to book a sitting. We can frame it for you in your specified style of frame, or you can do this yourself. We also can provide scanned copies for other family members or for you to sell to team fans or similar.

The Portrait Process

Originally this is worked in black and white, either pencil, ink or charcoal to establish the form, which helps with the 3-dimensional vision. They develop becoming more linear as O Howard likes pure lines and gradually became subtly coloured, gradually evolving into the delicate and striking portraits you see today.

The sitting involves noting key features, comparing their relationship to each other so that he can fully understand the special geography of the face and then takes reference photos that will help with colour and form.

Usually a single two-hour session is enough but it sometimes takes two. The main thing is to try to read the character through the face and as such differs greatly from the photographic image which tends to be more set. This has the effect of concentrating the viewers’ attention on features, enhancing the aspects of character that you may not have first noticed.

Great care is taken with the original construction and attitude, done in pencil to get the likeness right, the character coming after that to enhance that likeness and complete it.

Colour layers are then added and gradually built up in the same way as is done with oil paints. These under layers really give subtle depth and muscle form after the final, ‘softening in’ but on the finished portrait the real emphasis is on the eyes. This is emphasised with India ink for the blacks and white gouache for the subtle highlights.

How long does it take for the completed Portrait


These portraits take anywhere from 3 days, to over a week. If you wish to be portrayed in this way, either for yourself or more usually as a gift for someone special then give O Howard a ring, it costs nothing and helps with the rapport necessary, he is always ready to talk. Sittings can be in the Barton on Humber Studio, or in your home, office, sports club or school.

Prints can be made

High quality prints with super stable inks are available so that the image can be shared with others, usually family, these are very popular for that reason.


How much does it cost for a Portrait?


The cost depends on whether it takes 1 or 2 sittings, and on whether you want us to frame it for you and for how many additional prints you wish to have (framed or otherwise) so discuss your personal portrait commission, phone O.H.Boyd on:

Tel: 01652 618071 Mob: 07974 479622


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