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Concept of the English Tribute to Azincourt


Concept of the Azincourt Archers 600 Year Anniversary Tribute in the Battlefield area.


This beautiful area with its rolling countryside is little known as a tourist area and generally used as a place to pass through on the way to somewhere else. Bur It is well known throughout the world as the battlefields of Azincourt and Crecy.

The very names have tremendous international significance and tourist development in this area is planned. Currently, it is a hidden treasure for archers and historians although the area is also beautiful and eminently suitable for walking and cycling activities.


The Azincourt Battlefield


Essentially the battlefield is a rectangle with a village on each side. Azincourt itself, Tramecourt, Maisoncelles and Ruisseauville. The plan for the Tribute is to have the main body of the Azincourt 600 year Anniversary Archers Tribute stationed in Azincourt itself.


The Tribute consists of three archers, standing back to back with longbows drawn and contained in a bubble of companionship, the bubble is formed by the arcs of their longbows where the Cross of St George sits on top where the longbows meet. They are flanked by archers stakes.


OHBoyd Sculpture at Azincourt
OHBoyd Sculpture at Azincourt

This also represents, and looks like, the crown for which they were fighting. Each archer is wearing authentic kit of the time and is done with as much realism as the yew wood from which it is made, will allow.


Linking Azincourt to Crecy


The plan is to have the three archers separately replicated in resin and each one of these stationed at the other villages. All will be exactly orientated by GPS towards the main Tribute in Azincourt. The imaginary arc of the arrows forming imaginary longbows in the sky to encompass and enclose the whole battlefield.


The main archer in Azincourt, that of Mark Stretton, will be oriented towards the battlefield in Crecy where a corresponding archer will be similarly organised by GPS. This will form another imaginary longbow in the sky to link Crecy with the Azincourt battlefield.




At the arrow pass point between Azincourt and Crecy, is a village called Hesdin. The plan is to install here a 669 centimetre high Arrow of the period. It will be made in stainless steel and fixed around the arrow shaft will be a long ribbon, in stainless steel, inscribed with the names of the dead of both battles.

The arrowhead will contain a laser pointing directly upwards to intersect and indicate the flight path of the arrow, visible at night and in certain weather conditions. This will form a focus to imagine the arc of the Longbow from Azincourt to Crecy.

It is important that Hesdin is brought into the scheme, being perfectly situated between the two battlefields and on the main tourist route between them.


Musee de Azincourt

The whole Azincourt area together with Crecy, will celebrate the significance of these medieval battles and become a focus for developing exciting new tourism for the area.

The magnificent Musee de Azincourt and a brand new one planned for Crecy, will form a logical focus for this with Hesdin as a useful and interesting stop off place in between them.

Surrounding villages with connections to the battles will also be included. Especially the route that King Henry’s army took from Harfleur, crossing Blangy/Ternoise on route to the Azincourt battlefield.








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  1. Paul
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    Henry’s army was an English and Welsh army, I also note you don’t have the lead hammers commented upon in many texts that wrecked so much damage on the French.

    • Tina Gayle
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      I am a sculptor not a historian… I leave all that to the historians

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