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Humber Woodcarvers were originally formed as an offshoot from the various classes in the area given by professional woodcarver OH Boyd after funding for adult classes was either withdrawn or severely curtailed some years ago.


Classes were given in Hull, Scunthorpe, West Halton and Broughton. These classes helped form the very close bonds that like-minded people form in those circumstances. When sponsored classes finished, with students being in various stages with their projects, it was decided to go it alone and keep the standard and companionship going.

Students cover all age ranges and abilities, the oldest student being a lady who is 95 years of age and still extremely active. Some carvers have been with the group for 20 years, so age and gender are no barrier, some of the best woodcarvers have been women and ladies are most welcome.

All New members are welcomed, especially complete novices, and can benefit from not just the professional tutorage but also from the outstanding support the group gives, this is reflected in the tremendously high standard of work produced and the various exhibitions given throughout the year given for charitable causes are always well anticipated and attended.

Why not come along to our next class and have a go? To book a place, call Howard on 01652 618071 or via our contact page.

Where are we located?

Nowadays the group is located in Saxby all Saints Village Hall, which is ideally suited for our purposes with excellent facilities all on one level.

Humber Woodcarvers are actively involved with the Saxby village Hall and Church who have an annual Arts and Gardens Festival.

The group is affiliated and has been for quite some time with the British Woodcarvers Association, (BWA). This body provides help, advice, insurance and all the benefits of such an organisation.

Humber Woodcarvers are registered at the BWA as the North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire Woodcarvers Association.

Quite a mouthful which doesn't fit very well on the forms, so we have been renamed as the Humber Woodcarvers which is still descriptive but a little easier on the tongue, and pen. You can see the association website here.

New Members

New Members are always welcome, age and gender is no barrier, certainly not at the top end but probably at the lower, depending on the child of course.

You won't need tools, to begin with, these will be provided until you become familiar with them, but if you have your own then advice on maintenance and sharpening will be given.

Contact details

Secretary: Ron Chester, 01482 706715

Treasurer: David Learoyd, 01482 860306

President and Tutor: OH Boyd, 01652 618071

 We can be found on Facebook here: Humber Woodcarvers where you will find an events calendar, latest news, photos and much more.