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Life-size Portrait Woodcarving


Life-size portrait woodcarving sculpture of an English Archer

Following many hours spent carving the detail of each single rivet on the Brigandine armour, this has now been completed at last! The rivets have been both difficult and tedious, especially in the more inaccessible areas under the equipment carried on the belt. It’s easy to carve the outer details, but the jacket areas under these has been the real challenge.

Fully Equipped English Archer
Fully Equipped English Archer

Crisping the Detail

A complete weekend was spent in a general tidying up and crisping of detail which is very time consuming with very little visible progress to be seen from a distance, but every cut is worth it and makes a difference when viewing the close up details of the sculpture. It is also incredibly relaxing and spiritually rewarding and oddly, my way of chilling out.


Carving the Coif

A dramatic change of direction is needed for carving the the Coif; to do it in chain will take another 2 months because it is so inaccessible under the hand and would require making several special tools and many hours of difficult work. The Coif has now been carved down, overlapping the St George badge and leaving work to be done on the shoulder tops of the Brigandine and the other half of the archers face.


Helmet Rivets

This then leaves the helmet and its rivets, (more rivets!) and this archer will then be complete. That is if I can stop tweeking and fussing…


Representing a Fully Equipped Archer

This completed figure is a representation of a fully equipped archer, the next figure in the triptych will represent power and grace, and the final figure will depict a rag tag scrat fellow at the lower end of the of the rank of Archer, learning his trade from the older and more experienced Archers.


To Exhibit or Display

If your Gallery, Museum, or Historical Conference would like to display the completed Archer, for any Medieval or Azincourt themed event; while work continues on the remaining two figures, please contact my Agent on 0773 773 8018 or email ohb@whizzywords.com 


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  1. I am a Woodcarver myself and when I see beautiful work done by other carvers it is just great!

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