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Mary Rose Ballock Dagger


The representation of a Mary Rose Ballock Dagger is now drawn in, outlined and roughed in. This was modeled on an original that was found on the Tudor Warship of Henry 8th, the Mary Rose. Its existence was a later date in time, but nevertheless valid for the Tudor Azincourt period. Many of these small personal men’s purses were found in the articles raised inside the Mary Rose ship, which has been vital for research into this period.

Adapting Tools

The very difficult process of undercarving is significant on the dagger and also very time-consuming, The outer shape is reasonably simple to achieve, but more difficult using Yew wood, which can be quite brittle and has little strength along the grain. This is compounded by having to adapt tools to cope with the inaccessible areas.

The belt was undercut too but the final details will be added when the whole of the belt is in the right position after the buckler is carved in so that there is no mismatch.


Raising the Bench

An extra layer was added to the carving bench which raised it to a more comfortable working height. This new level means that I can now begin work on his legs with the rolled down hose, before moving on to the buckler. Once the buckler is finished, quilting and riveting on the brigandine can be laid out and carved in. After that will come further details and refinements to the head, coif and helmet to complete this figure


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