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“Nestroque” Now Strike Order at Azincourt

“Nestroque” or Now Strike!

was the order given at the battle of Azincourt by Sir Thomas Erpingham (Erpyingham)  which is captured in this beautiful wood carving by O H Boyd as part of his Azincourt Triptych and titled:

The Fateful Order



A fascinating history of Sir Thomas Erpingham can be found here: Sir Thomas Erpingham 

where Ken Mourin tells us:

 “He served as an ambassador to France, negotiating armistices, and fought there with King Henry V, famously at Agincourt where he was in command of the king’s deadly archers, giving the signal to fire with the mysterious command recorded by French heralds as “Nestroque!”  Historian Matthew Bennet, on a visit to Norfolk, recently recognised this as strong Norfolk dialect (still spoken in some parts) for “Now strike”!  Shakespeare makes him an older man at Agincourt with Henry, glad to rest his head on the ground to sleep like a king.”

Erpingham erected his gate at Norwich cathedral apparently as a personal memorial, with his own and his two wives’ coats of arms upon it; the statue possibly came from his tomb.  The memorial window he erected in St. Austin’s Friary church to 82 lords and knights who had died without sons has been lost (it is reproduced in Dragon Hall nearby);  Erpingham himself figured upon it.  He is buried in Norwich cathedral, a benefactor of that and many other churches, a guardian of the peace in Norfolk and a statesman nationally, a warrior whose martial prowess and well-earned fame surely makes him the most eminent of Norfolk Knights.

History of Erpingham Written by Ken Mourin


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