OH Boyd carvings are marked by being large, usually more than life size, incredibly detailed, thoroughly researched and usually have cryptic clues throughout.

He prefers to work in English Limewood, (Tilia Europaea) but the two prancing horses were done in American Walnut (Juglans Regia) and the archers tribute is being carved in English Yew, (Taxus Baccata). All woods are carvable, all woods are beautiful.

Portrait busts are depicted with one arm extended, which gives an indication of that person’s interest and role in society, this makes the portrait more of a complete account of the character.

Some of his Elfin series are of an abstract form and these have proved to be very popular, a limited edition series of castings will soon be available for these.

Because he works out of the boatyard 0H Boyd carves name plates for ships and houses, tiller handles and sundry shipyard adornments. These often come as a welcome relief to the long periods of time that the major pieces take to do. Indeed, he enjoys a wide variation of carving work so no commission is too large, no commission is too small. Lettering is a speciality.

Restoration work also figures largely and here his minute attention to detail and intensive research is an aid to this.