0H Boyd portraits are powerful, sensitive and representative, he likes things to look like they are; (an old-fashioned sentiment) and has had many important commissions of well known people. His depictions are always centred on the power of the eyes, indeed, his forthcoming exhibition will be called “THE EYES HAVE IT”

A particular favourite is Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale, FRS, who is also the subject of one of 0H Boyds carved portrait bust’s.

A more recent work is of Robert Hardy, the actor, who was portrayed for his interest as an archer. Robert Hardy wrote the definitive book, ‘Longbow’ and is an expert on mediaeval warfare. He also headed the team that tested the Mary Rose longbows, one of which he is depicted holding in his portrait.

Each portrait requires a minimum of a two hour sitting, or thereabouts. 0H Boyd is registered as an artist with the National Portrait Gallery and one of the requirements is that depictions have to be done from life, so the artist has to know the sitter.

Portraiture is still a nice legacy to depict and celebrate a person, their life and character in a proper form. They can take two or three weeks, depends on how it goes.

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