The Angel Hotel, Brigg

The Glanford angel has graced the front of the Angel hotel, (Now the Angel suite) for well over 100 years and is the symbol for Glanford and as such is reflected on the mayoral chain.

During extensive renovations, it was found to be severely challenged and upon closer inspection was beyond repair due to extensive rot with only the paint holding it together.

From the surviving pieces I was able to do proper drawings and from these a full and accurate copy.

The original angel had been jointed with sliding tenons but the new one was carved from a solid block to minimise water ingress. This, together with the modern preservatives applied should make this one last for considerably longer.

The original was gilded and it was decided to gild this one too so that should further cut down on maintenance and give an extended life. The finished angel is indistinguishable from the original.