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Portrait Woodcarving Sculptor O.H.Boyd 


Live from his Studio in Barton-on-Humber Boatyard overlooking the magnificent Humber Bridge

OH Boyd Portrait Sculptor
OH Boyd Portrait Sculptor

The portrait sculpture of the first of three English Archers at the Battle of Azincourt is now complete. The triptych scene of three Archers will represent the three different roles of a retained Medieval Archer and the first portrait shows well equipped bowman. His helmet, brigandine, buckler and sword show that when all his arrows were loosed, he would become a lightly equipped, nimble and effective man at arms

His equipment and clothing is highly detailed to show the style of buckles and clasps that were authentic for the period. The cross of Saint George, as commanded by King Henry the Fifth, is sewn to his breast and his hose is rolled down because of the terrible dysentery that affected soldiers without clean water, clean food or proper sanitation. Dysentery is a bacteria which penetrates the lining of the intestine, causing swelling, ulcerations, and severe diarrhea containing blood and pus. It is spread by ingestion of feces within contaminated food and water and gives an indication of the conditions in which they were expected to fight – and win.



The Power of the English Archers

The second figure in the triptych is modelled on the formidable Mark Stretton and represents the pure power of the elite Archer. He does not carry the same equipment as the Man-at-Arms Archer and relies purely on his muscle tearing power to strike arrows into the heart of the enemy from a distance of up to 220 yards.


Making a Portrait Pattern

The patterns for this next figure have been made in soft pencil on tracing paper, ready for the boatyard to machine the huge amount of yew wood that is required because Yew has a very high ratio of wastage. The gluing up, once the band sawing of the slices has been done, can then begin and the detailed carving process will begin.

Whilst this is being done I am carving a table-top size, mask copy of the Archer at full draw, adding to the series of hands that represents each stage of shooting a bow; from fixing the arrow, drawing it to full draw, and loosing a deadly arrow into enemy lines.

The third Archer’s portrait will be at the other end of the archers scale with a young Archer who is able to shoot the required distance, but has not had the years necessary to build the amount of muscle as the experienced retained and paid Archer. As this work progresses, ideas occur as each sculpture slowly takes shape and this  is the most exciting aspect of creating art through the medium of woodcarving that I am privileged to enjoy.


Portrait Commissions Undertaken

Portrait commissions are always undertaken and can be from table-top to life-size, carved in wood or drawn in charcoal. It can make a perfect gift for a special Birthday or to celebrate a great achievement.

All requests for commissions should be made to my Agent Tina Gayle on artist@whizzywords.com




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