Talks, Workshops & Masterclasses

OH Boyd is available for talks, presentations, Masterclasses and Workshops in a variety of subjects.

These can be 15 minute after-dinner speeches,30 minute keynote speeches and 1 hour presentations to Historical Societies and Art functions.

Talks can include PowerPoint presentations, or artistic samples and tools. Please let us know the approximate audience size expected, to enable the appropriate number of demonstration items to be brought.



OH Boyd, His Work and Art

This talk shows the wide variety of his work.


John (Longitude) Harrison

This is of particular interest nationally but locally of course because of his connection with Barton-on-Humber and Barrow-on-Humber.


John (Longitude) Harrison and Capt. James Cook, RN’s Association

A one hour presentation on John (Longitude) Harrison and Capt. James Cook, RN’s Association and their joint contribution to our society, the Empire and ultimately the industrial revolution.


Diamond Jubilee Gold Coach

A one hour presentation on The Diamond Jubilee Gold Coach is also a popular talk as it gives a unique and privileged look at the construction and meanings of the treasures contained within.


Carving the Imperial Crown

A one hour talk presenting the process of Carving the Imperial Crown in oak from HMS Victory to surmount the Diamond Jubilee gold coach.  This is a specialist talk for those with an interest in the techniques and artistic difficulties of woodcarving.


English Archers of Azincourt

A one hour presentation on the battle of Azincourt and the project to create a life-size tribute to the English Archers, that will be positioned inside the Azincourt Museum at the battlefield site, on its completion.


The Figurehead of HMS Resolution

The debate on The Figurehead of HMS Resolution, Captain James Cook RN’s ship is another subject which causes interest.


Masterclasses and Workshops on Woodcarving

These are held monthly in the OHBoyd Studio for up to 6 students, usually on the first Saturday of each month. All tools and equipment is included and provided. Beginners are always encouraged to attend, as excellent guidance on technique and safe practice given at an early stage can be a huge benefit to their success in woodcarving.

Please contact us to book a place on the next Masterclass.


Contact Us  to enquire about any gallery displays, talks or workshops.