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Barton Upon Humber Connections with Azincourt


What is the Barton Upon Humber Connection with the Archers of Azincourt?  

Barton upon Humber is a town of over 11,000 population, situated on the south bank of the Humber Estuary at the southern end of the Humber Bridge. It is 46 miles east of Leeds, 6 miles’ south-west of Hull and 31 miles north-north-east of the county town of Lincoln, with the famous fishing harbor of Grimsby to the south east.

The town has a long history which can be traced back well before the 10th century AD. So how does this small town on the edge of the River Humber and the location of the Humber Bridge have anything to do with the Olde Archers of Merrie England?

The answer may surprise you….


The Agincourt 600 archers tribute is being developed in conjunction with both Azincourt and Crecy; and will be placed into the Museum at Azincourt to represent a national memorial. It will feature as a focus to tourism for France and for other historians and interested Archers worldwide. It has already been the cause of much interest and support within the re-enacting and extensive archery world in Britain, Europe, America with particular interest from Australia.


Making the Barton Connection:

This massive piece of work was conceived in Barton by O.H.Boyd, a Barton born and Barton based Artist of national repute, whose work includes various Royal Commissions for Her Majesty and works of national importance. His most famous Royal Commission was carving the imperial crown for the new Diamond Jubilee State Coach by Jim Frecklington, the Royal Coachbuilder. Details and pictures of this are here: http://www.ohboyd.com/portfolio/the-royal-crown/


Azincourt Archers Tribute

The archers and re-enactors who modelled for the tribute woodcarving are from Barton, who shoot locally and whose costumes were made in Barton, and the work itself is being executed wholly at the Studio of OH Boyd based in the middle of the old shipyard in Barton, with a view along the humber estuary and to the bridge.

This Barton shipyard are just as famout in their own right. The position of the shipyard is recorded as having been there at least since Doomsday and last year, the gang of expert and experienced shipbuilders and restorers, won the coveted Gold Medal for a ‘Period Restoration’ at Earls Court Boat Show, which actually means that the Barton boys are without doubt. the best in the world.


humber bridge

Barton on Humber Shipyard

The infrastructure they provide with machinery, expertise and sheer muscle power for this work has been fundamental for this project. In fact, Barton locals have provided all the man-power involved with this massive and unique sculpture; from the team who are assisting with the heavy work for the process of creation, to the foresters who provided and converted the local timber and the shipwrights who skilfully made up the patterns.

In short, the Barton connection is elemental and crucial to the finished work of art and their unending positive contribution to the project will be mentioned as long as the work exists. The small town and civil parish in the heart of  North Lincolnshire, England.

This is an excellent example of how a local community really can make a difference in the world, and the whole team are committed to bringing the name and role of Barton-on-Humber to the attention of Europe and the World

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