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Undercutting towards the Final Cut


Work has resumed on the Azincourt Tribute with undercutting towards the final cut on the purse and belt buckle.

The completion of three smaller works reflecting the sequential order to shoot for the Archers, relate directly to the main figure with the order to ‘Draw’ being present on the Tribute itself.

After roughing out the legs with provision for the rolled down hose, the concentration has been on the finer details of the purse and belt buckle and represent the final cut in these areas.

This has involved a lot of undercarving; that is the awkward part but it is important that a proper depth of undercut is achieved. Wood being essentially monotone, I have to create somewhat deeper shadows to give an extra emphasis on the form.

Special tools have had to be made or adapted to reach almost impossible to get at areas, the figure has had to be raised and lowered for access, courtesy of the boys at the boatyard, and I have been working from a low stool, chair and high stool with standing as the final level to enable an easier interface with the figure.

Next week the details of the strap end will be carved in together with the loopholes, decorations and stitching before moving round to get the sword and sword hanger up to the same level of detail. When this is done we will move on to the buckler and ballock dagger. The completion of the equipment carried on the belt represents a significant stage leaving only the details of the brigandine, helmet, some facial refinements and the legs to finish this figure.

Easy to say but the devil is in the detail. In the meantime, the Boatyard team will be putting together the block of Mark Stretton, the next archer, to a stage where I can move straight on to it.


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